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PLDT Enterprise and St. Anthony’s College join forces to ignite digital transformation in academia




PLDT Enterprise, the corporate business arm of PLDT, announces a strategic partnership with St. Anthony’s College Inc., a renowned educational institution committed to providing quality education in the Philippines.

The alliance aims to empower St. Anthony’s College Inc. with cutting-edge technology to enhance learning opportunities and drive digital transformation in the academe sector.

Located in Antique on the island of Panay, St. Anthony’s College Inc. faced unique challenges of digital connectivity. Remoteness, limited infrastructure, and resources to reliable high-speed internet were significant obstacles to begin with. Then these challenges were exacerbated by COVID-19, as the school had to swiftly transition to online instruction to ensure the continuity of education.

Responding to the pandemic, St. Anthony’s College Inc. pivoted to online instruction using Google Classroom.Realizing the need for a more comprehensive digital learning environment, the institution sought upgrades from PLDT Enterprise, a long-standing partner, with Google Workspace for Education.

“Through our partnership with St. Anthony’s College Inc., PLDT Enterprise is committed to supporting the digital transformation of the academe sector. We understand the evolving needs of educational institutions, and our goal is to provide them with customized solutions using the right tools and support to future-proof their systems. With Google Workspace as a key component, we empower educators and students to excel in the digital age,”saysMa. Hazel D. Amoyan, Business Head at PLDT Enterprise.

Google Workspace, an integrated platform designed to make work and collaboration easier, brings numerous benefits to St. Anthony’s College Inc. This suite seamlessly integrates tools, ensures secure engagement, and offers endless possibilities for educators, students, and staff.

The platform boosts productivity and creates an interactive learning environment in the digital realm; by bringing together teachers, students, and staff, no matter where they are, allowing them to work in unison in real-time, co-author documents, hold virtual meetings, and easily share ideas and insights.

Easy access to files, collaboration on projects, and seamless communication are vital for academic institutions, and Google Workspace delivers on that front. It enables teachers and students to stay connected, engaged, and productive from any device – whether in physical classrooms or in distance learning.

Aside from that, security is a top priority in the academic sector, especially now that the institution is exploring the digital space. Google Workspace incorporates advanced security features to protect data and privacy. St. Anthony’s College Inc. benefits from a robust infrastructure and ongoing innovation, ensuring that their information remains secure and confidential.

“As we reopen our doors in this new era of education, the integration of Google Workspace marks a significant milestone for St. Anthony’s College Inc.,”says Fr. EdioneFebrero, President at St. Anthony’s College Inc.“We believe that digital transformation is essential for providing a robust learning experience for our students. With PLDT Enterprise’s support, we are confident in our ability to embrace collaboration, elevate productivity, and prepare our students for the future.”

Leda De Gracia, Vice President for Administration at St. Anthony’s College Inc. adds, “PLDT Enterprise’s dedication to empowering schools aligns perfectly with our mission. With the additional dedicated line, SD-WAN for college operations, and public Wi-Fi for students, we can provide our students and faculty with reliable connectivity, enabling them to fully utilize the capabilities of Google Workspace.”

“As your digital transformation ally, our commitment is to go ‘FURTHER TOGETHER’ with our partners,”Amoyan adds. “We understand the unique requirements of the academe sector. Through this partnership, we aim to support St. Anthony’s College Inc. by providing the tools and support they need to future-proof their institution.”

PLDT Enterprise reiterates its commitment to the academe sector’s digital transformation. The company remains at the forefront of empowering educational institutions with innovative solutions while ensuring seamless connectivity to help the sector fully realize its vision in nurturing the next generation.

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