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Ilang tourist spots, taob sa ganda ng Palawan

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Napasama sa listahan ng “Most Instagrammable Places In The World” ang Palawan.

Pang-36 ang Palawan sa listahan ng Big 7 Travel ng 50 top destinations na kaaya-aya sa Instagram.

“A piece of paradise that’s miles away from the hectic bustle of Manila, Palawan is simply perfect. Instagrammers have been flocking to it in droves in recent months and the buzz around Palawan is only getting bigger…” sabi sa description ng Big 7 Travel.

Inungusan ng Palawan ang Osaka, Japan (38); Shanghai, China (40); Seoul, South Korea (41); Milan, Italy (44); at Cairo, Egypt (50).

Tinanghal namang No. 1 ang Sydney, Australia kasunod ang Hong Kong pangatlo ang Dubai.

Article: ABANTE

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