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(For the) LOVE (of TikTok) IN TIME OF CORONA (Virus)




Photo courtesy of Hon. Mark Louie C. Bangcaya

Due to the Corona Virus Disease – 19 (COVID-19), a lot of measures have been implemented to prevent the spread of the virus. Social distancing is being strictly observed in many businesses which means customers in the queue must maintain a 1-meter distance from the next customer. One cannot enter an establishment without a temperature check and sanitizing of hands. Security guards are now armed not just with their service firearms but with infrared thermometers as well.

The public transportation was required to adapt social distancing by not allowing its full capacity. Passengers should also keep a 1-meter distance from one another. Tricycles should have a maximum of three passengers only – one in front, 2 at the back. Motorcycle owners cannot have a back rider. It also means bad business for those riding in tandems.

Because of COVID-19, community quarantines have been taking place in different parts of the country. These community quarantines also set curfew hours that require citizens to stay home. The government strongly believes that these measures will help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.

Classes were suspended, Work From Home (WFH) was implemented, while other employees were given “Forced Leaves.” Even the businesses had to cut hours of services to comply with the policy. Fast-food joints close at 6:30 PM, pharmacies at 9 PM as well as convenience stores that were supposed to be open 24 hours. As early as 7:00 PM, it is so difficult to get a ride. The streets have become eerily quiet.

Bottom line is:


For at least a month.

Quite a challenge, isn’t it? But at this point, we have to accept the fact that this is the new normal.  

When classes were suspended, many, if not all, students rejoiced by the possibility of them having more time to hang out with friends. Some employees who were granted WFH privileges thought things are going to be easier. Boy, were they wrong!

The community quarantine was implemented in Kalibo last March 16, 2020. After that, almost all other municipalities followed. Because the mandate was for everyone to stay at home, some people who have the means loaded on their pantries and refrigerators with supplies. The first couple of days was a breeze. The next coming days will be the most challenging! By the time you start getting bored, the supplies will also start to “perish” (wonder why?). Watching TV, listening to the radio, movie and K-Drama marathons have become less and less entertaining. Facebook posts show some people counting the wholes of Sky Flakes crackers, some try to count the grains of Magic Sarap, while others attempted to separate the sugar, creamer, and coffee from 3-in-1. Boredom has started creeping and it can definitely get the best of anyone, which will be detrimental to one’s sanity. Question is, will you allow that to happen?

Nevertheless, you must find a way to


The good news is – The Sangguniang Kabataan of Brgy. Union, Nabas, Aklan headed by SK Chairman Mark Louie C. Bangcaya, found a creative way to address this possible concern.

Nowadays, young people and those young at hearts often turn to their gadgets to be entertained. Right now, the most trending online are videos uploaded by netizens using the mobile app TikTok. In TikTok, you can be anyone you want to be.

Because of the number of uploads and shares of TikTok videos, the SK Chairman Bangcaya and the members of his council decided to come up with an activity using TikTok. This will help their constituents fight off boredom and this will also help the SK Council keep track of everyone in their barangay and make sure that they are all at home indeed. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, eh?

The activity is called the #StayingHome TikTok Challenge. The challenge is open to all residents of Brgy, Union, Nabas, Aklan only. Make sure that you have a proof of residency in case the organizers require one. Everyone who wishes to participate in the TikTok Challenge must upload two videos at the same time. The video must clearly show that it was shot at home. Every video must show that social distancing was observed. The TikTok Video, of course, must be uploaded to Facebook using the following hashtags: #StayingHomeTikTokChallenge and #SKUnion. Don’t forget to share the videos and tag or mention the FB account of Brgy. Union Sangguniang Kabataan. The challenge started on March 18 and will end on March 28, 2020, at 12:00 PM. One way to determine the winner is through the number of likes and other reactions. A lot of surprises and 500-peso worth of load awaits the winner!

So what are you waiting for? Aklanons are naturally resilient and are happy people. Aklanons will not allow this COVID-19 to get the best of them. Like what youngsters say nowadays, “Virus ka lang, TikTokerists kami!”

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