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FRONTLINERS: MODERNONG BAYANI (An Editorial Cartoon Contest for all Aklanons)



Photo from FB Post of SB Matt Aaron Guzman

The Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) created a new landscape for all of us. This pandemic brought about so many changes that we are now experiencing the so-called, “New Normal.” But resilient as we have always been, us Aklanons get to adapt easily to whatever change that comes our way.

With the number of COVID-19 cases rapidly rising in other countries and some parts of our very own nation, the local government of Aklan implemented community quarantine. Roughly a week after its implementation, Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) was declared, thus, the New Normal.

During ECQ, the government implements strict home quarantine in all households. The New Normal means transportation is being suspended. Essential products and services such as food and health service are regulated; and to enforce quarantine procedures, there is a presence of uniformed personnel.

As defined by Merriam-Webster, quarantine is a restraint upon the activities or communication of persons or the transport of goods designed to prevent the spread of disease or pests. This is very self-explanatory. The quarantine was declared in the province to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus Disease. All we have to do is stay home, and follow the directives given by the experts. Again, this is is our New Normal.

Everything seemed to be going so well. Others may be having a hard time staying home, but most people are taking the order seriously. Aside from the obvious that everybody does not want to acquire the virus, the whole of Aklan is actually looking forward to April 14th! The Enhanced Community Quarantine was supposed to end on that actual date, but as expected by most of us, just like what happened to Iloilo, the ECQ was extended until April 30th.

With the additional two weeks of being in quarantine, people tried different things to fight off not just the virus, but boredom as well. A lot has been busy with TikTok, others spend their time on Netflix, while some others took to the kitchen and became instant chefs!

Due to the extension of the ECQ, Hon. Matt Aaron Peren Guzman, Sangguniang Bayan Member of Kalibo knew that encouraging people to stay home will become even more challenging. In between distributing relief goods for Aklanons who are in need, and delivering food packs for the frontliners, SB Matt has been thinking about a worthwhile activity for his fellow Aklanons. He then came up with a very well thought of plan – An Editorial Cartoon Contest in honor of the FRONTLINERS: MODERNONG BAYANI. Organized by SBM Matt Aaron Peren Guzman, this contest is open to all Aklanons of all ages, including students, and cartoonists, professional or amateur.

What a creative way to deal with the remaining days of the ECQ. A psychologist also explained that the corona virus might provide even an opportunity for young people to get more creative while on quarantine, according to an article published on World Economic Forum.

SB Matt decided to organize this event with the main goal of showing gratitude and appreciation to the frontliners. He also believes that the editorial cartoon can be a way to send messages through captions. He also aims to have the outputs of the participants sent to different newspapers or local publications, giving credit to the artist, and not to him.

He is also looking into the possibility of making the artworks into Thank you Cards that will be distributed to the frontliners.

The prize that awaits the winning cartoon is pangkabuhayan, instead of cash. SB Matt will also give the winner the prerogative what to do with the prize. The winner may use the prize for personal consumption, or give it away to others. SB Matt wants to instill to the participants and to everyone that the contest does not focus on monetary value but more of leisure, fun, and being meaningful.

For those who are interested to join please refer to the following information, or visit SB Matt’s Facebook page.

How to Join?
  • One entry per participant only.
  • Entry MUST be in image file (may be scanned or sent as photo)
  • Submissions may include different sizes of cartoons—single panel, a strip, or a two-tier strip.
  • Pencil MUST be used as tool.
  • *Text or captions MUST be in FILIPINO.
  • All entries (files) MUST have the participant’s name as title of the entry
  • E-mail to: [email protected]
  • Failure to follow entry directions as listed may result in disqualification.
Judging Process
  • Entries must be original work of the contestant.
  • Entries awarded “finalist” status will be judged according to:
    20% – Creativity
    20% – Originality
    20% – Quality and Neatness
    30% – Relevance to the theme
    NOTE: The remaining 10% will be based on the Facebook reactions.
  • The top scoring entry online based on the highest reactions will be declared Facebook favorite entry.
  • In the event of a tie, winner will be determined based on the judges’ discretion.
  • If there is evidence of internet voting manipulation by the entrant or by outside parties, winner may be disqualified.
  • Judges’ decisions are final and binding.

    NOTE: By participating in this competition, entrants allow the organizer the right to publish contest submissions online, in print, or in other media, and to allow other organizations with similar missions to publish cartoon works submitted to the contest but with proper credit to the cartoonists.

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