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How To Pose for the Perfect Selfie According To Your Face Shape




Photo by Cristina Zaragoza on Unsplash

Face it.  Not every selfie you take is a perfect shot.  Yes, there will be times when you will luckily snap a glorious likeness of yourself and you can’t help but caption it with “Woke up like this (“What’s wrong with a little white lie?”).  Boy, don’t you love those days! 

However, there will also be times when you will look fine in the mirror but for some unknown reasons, something sinister happens to your image as it gets flipped on your phone screen. You will be horrified at the gruesome face that’s staring back at you and your day will be ruined and your nights haunted.

While some people are blessed with the talent of posing for the camera, not all people are photogenic and have the innate ability of presenting themselves in a flattering way in front of the lenses. 

According to, one of the keys to a perfect selfie is the angle.  And because it’s time-consuming to find the perfect angle through trial and error, it will be of great help to you if you know your face shape.

In this article, you will be given tips on how to pose for a selfie if you have:


What are you waiting for?  Grab your smartphone now and read on to know how to pose for that perfect selfie.


Angles are important in taking a great selfie, but that is just one factor.  Another thing you should consider is lighting.  You may look awesome in your poses but if the place where you are taking your photos is dark, all will be wasted. 

You may retort that your phone has a flash, but nothing beats natural lighting.

As vlogger Jordan Liberty puts it, “Light is undoubtedly the best beauty product you don’t have to pay for.”

Natural light is the best kind of light to take pictures in because it can actually make under eye circles and shadows totally disappear.

Have you taken care of the lighting?  You can now start taking that perfect selfie.


You can make your face a little rounder by tucking your hair behind your ears to show more skin. If your hair is in front of your face it will just flow around the structure and make your face look longer.  You can also try pushing your chin forward and then putting it slightly down. Doing this will tighten up the skin on your neck subtly and will also create a little bit of a shadow under your chin so your face seems a little wider.  When it comes to angling the phone, shoot from below. For a sultrier look, let the lower part of your tresses loose to create some shadows on your cheeks, slightly part your lips, and then take that shot.

Photo courtesy of Christelle Abello, Aklan’ representative to the Miss Universe-Philippines 2020.
Heart-shaped face are similar to oval-shaped face but they have a

Heart-shaped faces are considered sexy so, as much as possible, keep your hair length below the ears

When taking a selfie, don’t look straight at the lens.  Try tilting that sharp chin slightly down.  Also, keep in mind that if you have a heart-shaped face, chances are people will notice your hairline more than any of your other features so instead of shooting from above, you can shoot from below. This will make your hairline less noticeable and your jaw appear wider.

Photo courtesy of Leonah Nabayra

Square-shaped faces have very visible jaw lines, and you can actually use your bone structure to project the perfect power look.  To do that, tilt your head a little bit to the side, pout your lips, and take the photo from below. This makes your face look softer in the upper area while accentuating your jaw line.

To lessen the prominence of your jaw lines, avoid looking straight at the camera as this will only emphasize the structure of your face and make it look much bigger. Tilting left or right will draw out that jaw line and cheekbone. You can also try tilting your head slightly up to make it appear smaller, but definitely not down which will do the opposite. Letting your hair flow around your face will also reduce the size of your widest part.

Photo courtesy of Janice Padernal

Before we get to the angles, here is a quick tip to avoid any semblance of a double chin:  Stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth so that the muscles in your face work to give you the illusion of a longer face and defined jaw line.  Putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth as you smile tightens the area underneath your chin and adds definition to your jaw line.

To elongate your mouth, a slight pout will do the trick or tilting your chin down – both will result in a thinner looking face.

If you wish to flaunt your round cheeks to work a cutesy vibe, turn your head a little to the side and flash a bright smile – be sure to take the selfie at eye level.

Lastly, when taking the photo, hold the phone a little higher than eye level and shoot.

Photographing from above does wonders – not only does it make you appear taller, but just longer in general, and who doesn’t want that?

They say a picture paints a thousand words.  If you will follow the tips mentioned above, you will surely take a selfie that will tell the story of a facet of your wonderful life.   The likes you will get will just be a bonus.

Now go take that perfect selfie!

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