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We have been battling against the Corona Virus Disease 2019 for several months now. With the current number of COVID-19 cases reaching up to more than 3 million worldwide, the number of patients who have been positive with the disease kept rising; skyrocketing in some countries despite the mandatory quarantine.


A lot are at stake due to Corona Virus Disease. Our physical health, mental well-being, morale and self -esteem, our education, and economy are also at risk. However, there is no telling when our battle against the Corona Virus Disease will end. That said, we have to adapt to the New Normal. And that includes mandatory quarantine.

One of the many consequences brought about by the Corona Virus Disease 2019 is the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in different parts of the country and the world. We all know that the reason behind this is to prevent the spread of the virus. Staying home, according to health experts, will help flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases, thus, the mandatory quarantine.


Even during the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918, In 1918, studies found out that the key to flattening the curve was social distancing. Schools, churches, theaters, and public gathering spaces were also shut down during that time.

We are aware that to be forced to stay home is not a piece of cake. However, this gets even harder if these mandatory quarantine cause couples to be on a long-distance relationship (LDR).


Take the case of long-time couple Alexis Bryan Labing and Bernadette Zamora. Even before the implementation of lockdowns in most parts of the world, being together have always been their struggle. They are among those couple who are in a long-distance relationship (LDR). Bryan works in Singapore as an architect, while Bernadette works here in the Philippines. Despite the distance, they manage to make their relationship even stronger and have been together for over a decade.


In the past, before all of these technological advancements ever existed, couples in a long-distance relationship had to write letters to keep in touch. Imagine how long they have to wait to hear from each other since snail mail usually takes about a week or so to be delivered. That of course, still depends on the location. However, it seems as though technology has turned the tables around by making it easier and more interesting for couples living apart to nurture and build their relationship nowadays.

Technology played a significant role in the love story of Bryan and Bernadette. According to a study conducted by the University of Missouri, 88 percent of couples in LDR text each other daily while only 15 percent video chat daily. While couples text more often than they video chat, research shows that they are more satisfied with their relationship when communicating over video chat instead of text.


On their 11th year together, the couple took their long-distance relationship to the next level. While apart and caught in the lockdown, they managed to shoot their pre-nuptial photos.

According to Bryan, they wanted to “make the most out of our time while on ECQ.” He also added that both of them do not want to be “consumed with all the negativity because of the pandemic and instead decided to focus on what we can accomplish despite the lockdown.”

The couple on their prenup, photo by Luminara Photo

The idea for a long distance prenup is quite simple. For those who may be asking how it works, two phones propped up together with Bryan and Pink in a Zoom video call. With Zoom being a new favorite comm app in this time of quarantine, this is a perfect representation of a modern love story in the time of a global pandemic. It results in a set of images that a lot of lovebirds can certainly relate to right now.

Bryan gives the credit for this creative idea to Carlo Pilongo of Luminara Photo. “The preparation for this shoot was pretty fast. We just wore black shirts, and posed by empty walls. All we needed was a stable internet connection. The instructions were given on the spot via Zoom video call. We only had an hour to finish everything. I guess it could have been faster if not for the erratic internet connection but I believe it was pulled off. Our natural reaction somehow added authenticity to the photos. Mukha talagang nagvi-video call lang! Kudos to Carlo for his patience,” Bryan recounts.


Although the LDR Prenup was a huge success, Bryan and Bernadette still plans on having another prenup shoot as soon as the lockdown is over. The couple is to be wed on first quarter of 2021.

Physical separation can cause doubts and anxiety. It is important that both parties trust each other. The key to keeping a relationship strong is for both partners to believe in its success. They should make extra efforts so that they rarely or not have arguments about commitment issues at all.


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