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Still Not Giving Up on Summer Amidst Covid-19: AKLANON DESIGNERS’ FASHION FORECAST FOR SUMMER 2020




As the number of COVID-19 patients continues to rise, lockdowns of territories have been declared in many parts of the world. This pandemic has also brought about a lot of changes in the way we live. Instead of doing our daily routines, we were advised to stay home instead to avoid catching the virus. Classes were suspended, some businesses were temporarily closed, while a few others opted to allow their employees to work from home. To some people, this may sound like an early break, to others, it means cancellation of vacation plans.

We may be in a grim state right now, but we should not let this situation thwart the fun of the summer season. While we positively wait for our victory over this pandemic, let’s begin planning for summer OOTD with the help of these Aklanon designers and stylists. Let’s get to know these remarkable Aklanons in the field of fashion, and see what their style forecast is for summer 2020.

RYAN SALAZAR LOPEZ of Ryan Salazar Lopez Couture

Ryan is a Fashion Designer from the municipality of Kalibo. Ryan has been with the fashion industry since 1996.


Jemery is a native of Banga, the Beautiful. He is both a fashion designer and a stylist, and has long been in this industry since 2015.

ASIA ADRIANA YBARRA of Asia Adriana Ybarra’s Beauty Studio 

Hywell I. Armenio A.K.A. Asia Adriana Ybarra is a freelance fashion designer from the humble town of Malinao. Hywell has been in the business for more than a decade.

Radyo TODO: What inspired you to be in this industry?
Ryan Salazar Lopez: Audrey Hepburn. It’s all about Audrey Hepburn, and the rest is history.
Jemery Salcedo Reontoy: I grew up in front of the crowd and I’ve been considered as the jack of all trades of the family. At an early age, I was already exposed to many wonderful life events of my own family and of other people close to my heart. Though I’ve been driven by fate in many different platforms to make myself useful, I always end up doing the one I am passionate of. I always loved to see people in their best look and dreamt of being the one to facilitate beauty remedy for them. Seeing how happy people to see themselves transformed inspired me to deepen my passion for designing. The feeling that you are included in many wonderful life events of other people is the concrete reason for me to be inspired and stay in this industry.
Asia Adriana Ybarra: The fashion industry is exciting, full of creativity, style and glamour. I have the genuine care for my clients. It inspires me to play with new ideas, think deeply about challenging designs to produce the best work and so on. Being in this industry has opened a lot of opportunities for me like meeting different people from different walks of life, traveling, and earning with pleasure to name a few. The fashion industry has truly transformed into a global industry for all age groups which inspired me to have a passion for fashion.

RT: What trainings/workshops/internships have you attended to hone your craft?
RSL: I must say,joining some fashion shows and upgrading techniques in Manila really helped in my growth as a fashion designer.
JSR: Being the kind of person that is always asked for help and ideas on realizing and facilitating life events, I was exposed early to many influential people. One that has deep value to my craftsmanship is when I met a friend who deals in dressmaking. I used to stay with him as he is doing his projects and is silently observing how he gets things to work until his company became my training grounds. I was also used to being asked for advice by my relatives of mix and match ideas towards their fashion statement and I’m glad that my taste always ends up appropriate. Also, with the help of the existing worldwide web, things became easier and ideas became accessible for someone like me who doesn’t have any formal background in fashion and design. I always remind myself that the easiest way to be trained is by being in the real situation, though I am looking forward to undergo formal training if given chances and privileges.
AAY: I’ve never been to a school of fashion nor undergone any trainings or workshops regarding fashion designing. I used to teach in a private and public school before as an elementary teacher. When my application for regularization was denied, I decided to find a new venue to prove myself that even though I am not in the field of teaching I will be able to survive. Being resourceful and innovative can help one create ideas that are fresh, new, or even out of the box. It’s all about self-learning. I believe that my skills and love for art honed my craft.

RT: According to your forecast, what will be the fashion trend for summer 2020?
RSL:  Chic, vintage look is in if made modern. The retro style is back in living color, with a lot of ‘60s prints. Highlighter colors are also back. Commonly called “Stabilos,” these ‘80s-inspired neons will be the trend this 2020.
JSR: This first quarter of 2020 has been a hard entry. People are asked to quarantine themselves and tourism hot spots were forced to temporarily closed. I might say that the people’s attention towards summer was diverted by this pandemic and might even spend the rest of the summer inside their houses. But if lucky and blessed enough to experience at least a bit of sunny days, I believe that people would never care about what they will wear for summer. I suggest that the previous year’s trend could still and will still be appropriate for this year. Flowy and earth color fabrics for women while tropical print shirts and board shorts for men will still be on-trend. Earlier of this year, crotch earrings and crochet beach sandals are eye-catchy for women and I think is the best add-ons for last year’s trend. Overall, no one should worry about what to wear this summer. Just open your closets and look for your previous year’s OOTD. Besides, fashion is just a merry go round.
AAY: You won’t have to think too hard about styling your looks. Striped knit dress, Floral, Hot pants and striking neons are all in this 2020.

RT: As a designer/stylist, what one fashion advice can you give to Aklanons?
RSL: I only have but one advice to Aklanons – wear trends in an age-appropriate way…
JSR: As the recently crowned Queen of Aklan for Tourism, I’ve always dreamt of incorporating our tourism to what we wear. We’ve been fed by too much modernism that we almost forgot our origin. Here in Aklan, we house the mother of all Philippine fabrics and is one of the most classic and elegant material we can incorporate in our formal attires. We should know how to use our resources and take pride in our identity. For casual OOTDs, following the trend is easy but always remember that the outfit that makes you comfortable wearing and speaks of what and who you are will always be the best OOTD. Overall, we should always know how to develop a signature style and we don’t need a massive wardrobe of designer clothes to be a great dresser.
AAY: You don’t need to spend much to look fashionable and trendy. Just wear trends that are age-appropriate.

As we continue to fight against COVID-19, let us all be reminded that there’s so much to look forward to. After all, Aklanons are resilient, free-spirited, and creative like our featured designers and stylists. For your fashion needs, don’t hesitate to reach them, and visit their fashion and beauty houses. 

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