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Aklanon’s own “Summer Fling”




Image: Summer Fling Facebook page

Aklanons couldn’t be more proud of these three guys!

Summer Fling, a three-man band of pure Aklanons, revels in carrying the Aklanon tune and music as they continue to compose and sing their hearts out not just here but also abroad.

Fronted by Erik Magalit as the songwriter-vocalist, the band is made complete by Ivert Moralde, on bass, and Vincent Mirto, the drummer.

It may be unknown yet to majority of Aklanons but Summer Fling is the group behind the original Aklanon inspirational rock, titled “Aklan”, which, according to them, is heartily dedicated to Aklan province, and to all fellow Aklanons here or abroad especially those who have been out of the country and encountering some bouts of nostalgia of their beloved province.


Summer Fling was just an idea that came to life in 2016 when the trio met in California. Used to be tropa (in a circle of friends), the three, who then belong in different bands coined the group and decided to galvanize their partnership as they all share the passion to make the Aklanon music known to the world.

“Basicaly du banda taga Aklan tanan, iba-ibang banda kami before. Nagkilita kami sa California and the rest is history (we basically came from different bands when we met in Califronia),” said Erik, the main convenor, who then laughingly recalled that he started playing during his 3rd grade and an ardent fanatic of the phenomenal “Bawal na Gamot” whose lyrics took a sweep of Pinoy’s music sense back in those days.

“Ironically, we were the novice ones, the youngest group who were playing that time. That was in 2002. Vince has a band while me and Ivert were into another band—the Six Ballahz. When it got disbanded, I join Cream which was a showband that time. Then I performed in Lyka (a popular spot back then in New Washington, Aklan),” he shared.


Currently, Summer Fling is raising the Aklanon’s pride abroad as the trio perform in “LAKLAK FEST 3” at the downtown Los Angeles in California.

Erik said the band’s name reflects more to a relationship. “Para lang nakipag relationship ka in a short term, basically kasi lahat ng kanta namin love songs. And just like love which is sometimes fleeting during summertime, our songs are too.”

“So whatever happens in summer, stays in summer,” Erik smilingly quipped.


“Unfortunately, there was no market here and the band has had rainy days during their journey.”

“Ours is basically like a struggle of local artists who are marred by lack of opportunities and support.”

“I played in a local establishment for a year, and only then that I realized there’s really no market in the province,” he said.

“Imagine, during that time they’re just gonna pay the band for P300 pesos. But I had a vision and it’s kinda advance. And because of that vision plus the passion of writing music I continued despite all that.”

“Well, it was really a struggle back then because it was something new. Aside from the fact that we lack the equipment that time to make novel kind of music that is locally ours, nobody seems to appreciate original music back in 2002.”  


Summer Fling is a band that tells stories of complex human emotions through heavy melodic guitar riffs, booming bass lines, smashing beats and expressive vocals.

The local band is basically influenced by rock, hard rock, and alternative rock.

Erik personally cites Jason Mraz, Bush, and Foo Fighters as his major influences. Some people compared them to Urbandub, but Erik said they have their own identity.


In an interview with TMS, Erik said Summer Fling doesn’t really care about genre.

“It’s basically come what may. Rock, hard rock or alternative. We compose and play freely. Owa kami ga-base sa genre. We do it based on our emotions on a given day.”

When asked about how Summer Fling channels its emotions in writing a song, Erik said that majority of their songs are experience-based. “We compose what we’ve had…reality-wise.”

“Right now, we’re working on an album and we are the one solely working on the production such as recording and engineering. We do all the nitty-gritties with some help from cousins and friends,” Erik announced.


The band’s latest single, “Aklan”, depicts the goal of Summer Fling to “revive the local music industry.”

“We feel it is our biggest contribution to the local music industry. This song features a concept about the lifestyle of every local in the province back in the 90’s,” Erik noted.

“Yung mga old school na ginagawa namin that time, ano atong gina obra mag adto sa iskwela, diba ga inistorya ag sa hapon mag adto sa daeom it mangga (Basically it sounds old school because this particular song depicts what we loved to do during those years—going to school and the related activities that we had, our long talks under the mango tree and so on),” Erik said.

Eric pointed out though that the central idea in composing local songs is to provide inspiration to the youth especially those who have the inclination to be composers themselves.

“Ang point talaga ng Aklan na kanta is to inspire the kids, the local artist. We want them to see, to visualize like we do, that even we don’t have any production equipment to do so, we still did strive and then pushed ourselves to the limit, and that even there seems to have no direction at first or maybe even it is clear that we can’t earn something in return, the will and the passion to compose and play local music should be a continuing one.”

“Aklan” is so far the first and only Aklanon song that we had produced but we are planning to make some additional ones.”

“Actually it’s a challenge for me yong ‘Aklan’. Ivert, in fact, is challenging me now to write some more.”

“Mabudlay abi mag obra it kanta especially sa rock ag sa Aklanon, usually it’s either a country or a musical, but our single ‘Aklan’ is an inspirational rock,” he added. “I am hoping the millennial artists in our province will follow suit and make a version of their own.

As a piece of advice to the young artists and composers, Erik said “Just keep playing, love your music, indi pag kalipatan kung siin ka nag halin. And keep on inspiring people.”


Summer Fling: “Daya nga kanta hay gina haead gid namon sa pinalangga naton nga Probinsya it Aklan, eabi eabi gid sa mga Aklanon nga sa guwa it ga kasari sari nga lugar. Kabay pa nga paagi sa daya nga kanta hay maka hagan hagan sa inyong kahidlawon sa atong Probinsya it Aklan, ag maka tau it sangkire nga kalipay.”


“AKLAN” is now AVAILABLE on SPOTIFY, ITUNES and other Digital Music Stores! You can stay updated on the band’s new releases and gigs by following their Facebook page subscribing to their Youtube channel

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