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Images | Cover Art from Carl Joash Francisco | Photos Courtesy of William Mercado/Sean Lynric Cawaling

Kahit saan ka mapunta taas noo ang ‘yong ganda, Girl you’re beautiful talagang Aklanon kay ganda…goes a part of online hit song “Aklanon Girl”, an original composition of an Aklanon student that inculcates women empowerment.

Yes, you’ve got it right. And for clarification, it’s not a school project but just a personal composition that aims to inspire the women in the province of Aklan, in particular, and women the world over, in general.

The masterpiece–AKLANON GIRL—is actually doing the rounds on social media since its release as Netizens are left in awe upon watching the original video showcasing the grace and exquisiteness of the young women of Aklan and in promoting their worth.

The composer, Carl Joash Francisco, who hails from New Washington, Aklan, has become synonymous to the popularity of the song and is becoming an online sensation himself.

The ‘feel-good’ music is produced by SLC productions under the tutelage of Sean Lynric Cawaling, also a native of New Washington, is a grade 11 artist who loves photography and filmmaking.

The two behind this popular piece were bestfriends since their primary school days and both share the passion to their craft.


Carl Joash started his passion for music as early as seventh grade through a school band called “Sweet and Sour” at New Washington National Comprehensive High School. He is a member of a Church band at New Washington Evangelical Church. His music baptism started when he tried playing guitar and piano during his third grade. Although still unpublished, this promising artist actually wrote 20 songs to date. Currently, he is playing with Midtone Yellow at Garcia College of Technology.

Wa it title, wa ko nabutangan it title ang ibang songs, kasi wa ako it plano nga i-out. Pero nagsulat ako it moving up song, “Tayo’y Magbabalik” yung title,” he said.

“In making a music, melody muna, kung ano suit sa theme dapat ganon din yung chords. While in writing the lyrics, depende kung feel ko nga creative ako makarun, ga sueat ako. Makarun sa among generation, gina criticize du lyrics, wa it sense, so as much as possible hay maging true sa lyrics, put your heart sa lyrics.”

He personally cited that as a kid growing in a Christian family, his greatest influences are Hillsong and Planetshakers.

Carl Joash Francisco/17 years old/Grade 11/Garcia College of Technology
(Photo Courtesy of William Mercado)

Sean, for his part, the cinematographer of the video, started with his craft when he was 13 years old.

Back then, he’s just using his mobile cellphone in filmmaking and photography. His favorite applications are vine and dubsmash for his video creations. “Ang love ko naman sa photography, namana ko kay papa, seaman sya pero may mga camera sya at tripod, then yung Nami Studios nag serve sakin as an inspiration to learn more about photography,” as Sean shared his story to Todo Media.

He also plays guitar, cover some songs and creating awesome vlogs.

Sean Lynric Cawaling/17 years old/Grade 11/Garcia College of Technology
(Photo courtesy of the artist, Sean Lynric Cawaling)


To empower the women especially in Aklan. “Ang naisip kato hay, kung ma empower ko si mama ag ibang friends kung mabatian nanda ru kanta, ibig sabihin karun hay ma empower man du rest of Aklanons sa daya nga song. Gusto ko ma empower yung mga women,” Carl shared during the interview.

When the songwriter was asked where he is getting his inspiration in writing songs, Carl smilingly said, ang baye nga nailaan, ang girlfriend makarun ag si mama, and my friends.”

“I published the video after nya ako sinagot.”

The lyrics include: “So many beautiful girls in the world but no one can ever replace my Aklanon girl.”

There is a line saying, “Mala anghel ang mga tingin di ako makatingin, binibini take it easy, wanna savor your Aklanon beauty.”

The “Aklanon Girl” is the first composition published online with a music video, Carl said. It displays different girls from the province of Aklan.

Featuring pretty lassies with make-up with fancy dresses, the music highlights the contrast with the other girls who are just wearing school uniform, shirts and pants without make-up on their faces proving that Aklanons, in their natural beauty, are just as stunning.

The music video has already reached over 52k on Facebook and 11k views on YouTube as of this writing.


Some studios rejected us. “Dati hay ga usoy kami it studio kat uwa kami it gamit para mag record. Naka experience kami kat unga pa kami, di kami pag ipa-record.”

“Kunta mag-bueoligan kita, support natun kada isaea. Kasi kung uwa it ga support sa imong craft may chance nga maduean ka dayun it gana.”


For tips: Carl and Sean would say they have to go out of their comfort zone.

 “Indi mag huya huya gid, kung feeling mo manami ing idea ag kinalabasan, isueat mo gid, obrahan mo gid. Du talent nga gin tao it Ginoo, ibalik mo Kana. Do it for His glory.” Carl said as he encouraged fellow artists to fuel their passion.

While Sean reminds the youth, “usuyon mo ing passion, ing side kung ano ing gusto, ag kung masayran mo indi pag i-stop. Dapat may “deepest why” ka sing ging gina obra, para indi masayang. Ako gina obra ko dayang content to finance myself, kung baga wa ako ga ngayo sang parents always, bukon man maeain mag-asa sa parents, pero manami man nga indi mag-asa sa parents all the time.”

Watch the video here:

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