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Christelle Abello: Proud Aklanon, Proud Filipino



This year will be an exciting year for you, pageant fans! This is because, for the first time, the Miss Universe-Philippines pageant will be held this year.  

 You might remember that it was in December last year when it was announced that the Miss Universe franchise will no longer be under Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI), which, since 1964, had led the search for the Miss Universe representative.

In this year’s edition, 52 women from different provinces all over the Philippines are set to compete for the opportunity to represent the Philippines in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant. 

While it goes without saying that the pageant will crown the woman who possesses the most exceptional beauty and poise, the pageantry is more than just that. After all, Miss Universe – Philippines “is celebrating beauty, celebrating the Filipino, celebrating the Philippines,” according to Jonas Gaffud, one of the core group of the Miss Universe – Philippines and is appointed the Creative Director of the brand back in 2019, 

With that said, Aklan is lucky to be represented by a young woman who was not only endowed with natural good looks, statuesque figure and engaging wit, but also with the fiery nationalistic pride born to a true Filipino.

Christelle Abello, whose roots can be traced back to the Abellos of Tigayon, has been making considerable noise in the pageant world for years. She is known as the morena beauty who has captured the hearts of her thousands of followers, not just in the Philippines but also abroad.   

In this article, you will get to know Christelle more and in towards the end, you will understand why despite being sown and grown in a far-flung land, Christelle is every bit a Filipino as we are, and proud to be one.     

Let us now take a closer look at this true-blue Aklanon beauty, and get to know Christelle Abello better as a proud Filipino.


Born and raised in the US to Filipino parents, Christelle Abello lived a life across borders. Her mother is from Cavite, and her father, a native of Aklan, was a member of the US Marine Corps and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

In an interview by Radyo TODO, Christelle said that she practically lived her life back and forth between San Diego, California, and Japan.

But her ties to the Philippines are just lengthened, not severed. Her parents made sure that her glorious childhood is peppered with visits to the land of her ancestors. Christelle wistfully shared her memories of Aklan vacations where she played with her cousins in Tigayon. Not a trip to the Philippines goes by without a visit to Boracay island.

Also, Christelle’s exposure to her heritage culture is constant. Even though she grew up in the United States, one distinct < of Christelle is her fluency in speaking Filipino. During the interview, she spoke in Filipino about 80 percent of the time.


According to Christelle, she has observed that nowadays, many Pinoy Millenials in the states can understand Filipino but are having a hard time speaking the language.

She said, “I’m very proud na in-instill sa akin ng Mommy ko na huwag kong kalimutan ang aking pinanggalingan, na Pilipino ako.”

The morena beauty considers representing Aklan in Miss Universe – the Philippines to be a great honor for Aklanons. Indeed, Christelle Abello is a true-blooded Pinoy, one who is proud of her roots.

She promised that throughout the competition, she will embody the true essence of being an Aklanon and a Filipina, which is, being compassionate, courageous, and proud to showcase the Aklanon culture to the world.

They say that home is where the heart is. Christelle’s is definitely in the Philippines.

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