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3 Quick and Easy Bad Breath Fixes




Imagine you are on a date with the love of your life.  As you lean over for a kiss, you suddenly remember that you just ate garlic bread and onion rings….what would you do?  I sure hope you’d take care of your dragon breath before you subject your partner to a torturous and suffocating experience, thus killing both of your moods for intimacy.

Like body odor, noxious fumes from our mouth are never a good thing in any social setting, especially in a romantic situation. While love conquers all, bad breath is certainly no fun in any relationship.  It can even make the most beautiful or fit person seem unappealing. This is because our brains see bad breath as a sign of poor personal hygiene and poor overall health, not to mention the supposedly intimate but turned horrible experience due to a sour, smelly breath.

In a recent survey conducted by, it was found out that 50% of their respondents consider bad breath as adating deal breaker. 

Can you blame them? Talking to a person with bad breath is difficult, leave alone kissing him or her. Bad breath makes your partner uncomfortable because kissing is a primary component of foreplay, which could be very absent due to the partner’s bad breath. Sexual intimacy can therefore be spoiled. Just imagine how extremely challenging it will be to share the bonding experience with your partner under the prevailing circumstance.

There are many culprits behind the sulfuric smell of decay.  It may be something on what you eat or drink such as garlicky food, coffee, or alcohol.  Bad breath can also be caused by a deeper oral health issue or serious medical issue like poor digestion, constipation, or bowel disorders.

In more intense cases of bad breath or halitosis, it is best to consult with a specialist to find out the root of the problem and receive the right medical treatment. Conversely, run of the mill oral stench can be solved with these simple tricks:


A quick swish with mouthwash can quickly freshen up your bacteria-infested orifice. In addition, you would do well by gargling with antibacterial mouthwash because bacterial movement in the nose to the throat can cause a person’s breath to have an unpleasant odor.

Listerine Total Care Mouthwash. 500ml. Php 308. Watsons CityMall Kalibo,

Listerine Total Care Mouthwash. Rich in flouride, the Listerine Total Care is proven to have a total of six oral benefits: It reduces plaque, fights against cavities, and prevents the buildup of tartar. It also keeps the gums healthy and provides 24-hour fresh breath while killing germs.

Bactidol Oral Antiseptic. 500 ml. Php 535. Watsons CityMall Kalibo

Bactidol.  An oral antiseptic like Bactidol offers the necessary relief for a variety of infections while preventing further bacterial for a clean, fresh smelling breath.


Your tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria so if you want to nip bad breath in the bud, you can start there.  Open your mouth and look in the mirror.  That white yucky buildup right smack in your tongue is from the entire food gunk you’ve neglected to clean up.

“Usually the bacteria lie in between the teeth, and cleaning that is accomplished by flossing,” says Scott Froum, a periodontist who often treats cases of bad breath. “But the tongue is also full of bacteria in the area at the back of the tongue. So you need to get a tongue scraper to remove some of the bacteria that’s embedded there.”

Scrape away the bacteria with one of these implements:

Oral B Essential Floss Mint Waxed. 50 meters. Php 175. Shoppee.

Oral B Essential Floss.  Flossing to remove food particles and buildup between the teeth and gums isn’t the only use for floss, a piece of waxed string can be used to gently scrape and clean the tongue. Just remember to tread lightly and to rinse your mouth when done.

Colgate 360 Whole Mouth Clean Soft Toothbrush. This toothbrush do not only help remove over 96% of bacteria, it also comes with cheek and tongue cleaner, has interdental bristles and cleaning tips, and has polishing cups.


For a quick fix, pop a mint. You can’t always be at a place or situation wherein you can brush your teeth or at least gargle with mouthwash but mints, on the other hand, fit the smallest bags and are in every convenience store.

Xylitol. This breath mints will not contribute to tooth decay as it is sugar-free.  It comes in 4 flavors: Strawberry Blue fresh mint Blueberry mint Green fresh mint. 

Tic Tac.  The mints are so tiny and can be popped in your mouth discreetly for instant fresh breath.

Tic Tac Candy Assorted Flavor. Php 26. Shoppee.

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