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Today in Ph History, Jan. 11, 1897, the so-called “Thirteen Martyrs of Bagumbayan” were executed



On January 11, 1897, the so-called “Thirteen Martyrs of Bagumbayan” were executed following their arrests after the Cry of Pugadlawin on charges of treason and sedition.

Cry of Pugadlawin was an event where Andres Bonifacio, founder of the Katipunan, and its members assembled together then tore their cedulas which symbolize their determination to take arms against Spanish colonizers.

The 13 martyrs executed in Bagumbayan (Luneta) after the mock trial were:

  1. Numeriano Adriano (lawyer),
  2. Domingo Franco (businessman and propagandist),
  3. Moises Salvador (propagandist),
  4. Francisco L. Roxas (industrialist and civic leader),
  5. Jose Dizon (Katipunan member),
  6. Benedicto Nijaga (lieutenant in the Spanish Army and Katipunan member, a native of Calbayog, Samar),
  7. Geronimo Cristobal Medina (corporal in the Spanish army and Katipunan member).
  8. Antonio Salazar (businessman),
  9. Ramon A. Padilla (employee and propagandist),
  10. Faustino Villaruel (businessman and Mason),
  11. Braulio Rivera (Katipunan member),
  12. Luis Inciso Villaruel, and
  13. Estacio Manalac.

Reference: Philippine News Agency

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