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Buntis na nag-Positibo sa COVID-19 pinabayaan umano na manganak sa isolation facility, pamilya nag-reklamo



Nagreklamo ang pamilya ng 23-anyos na babae na nag positibo sa COVID-19, na pinabayaan umano ng doktor na manganak ito sa isang isolation facility sa Iloilo City.

Ayon sa sister-in-law ng 23-anyos, nagreklamo aniya ang buntis na sumasakit na ang kanyang tiyan at parang manganganak na siya, 9:00 ng gabi, Setyembre 29.

Dagdag pa niya, nag-text daw ang buntis sa doktor na manganganak na siya sa hapon, Setyembre 30, subalit sinabihan umano sila ng doctor na pigilan muna ito.

Sabi pa daw ng doctor, mag-inhale at exhale na lang muna ito, wika ng sister-in-law.

Dagdag pa niya, hindi maka-
assist ang doktor dahil positibo sa COVID-19 ang naturang buntis.

Agad namang nilipat sa Western Visayas Medical Center ang 23 -anyos na babae at kanyang ang sanggol habang hindi pa na putol ang umbilical cord.

Batay sa ulat, nasa mabuting kalagayan naman ang mag-ina.

Samantala narito naman ang incident report ng quarantine facility medical doctors na on duty sa reklamo ng pamilya na nanganak sa St. Therese.


On September 30, 2020, a pregnant positive patient unexpectedly gave birth at St. Therese Quarantine Facility.

At 9 AM, our doctors and nurses first assessed the patient after complaining of labor pains. They donned personal protective equipment (PPE) and did an Internal Exam (IE), and continued the monitoring.

At 12:15 PM, patient complained pains persistence. Medical personnel explained what’s good for both the mother and baby. She was transferred to a long sofa visible from outside of the room. She was instructed to do deep breathing exercises, walk, and for folks to do back rub to temporize pains.

Our personnel called Western Visayas Medical Center COVID OB-Gyne Triage 5 times. Nurse on duty also called the Iloilo City Emergency Response (ICER) to standby. Clear instructions were given not to push hard because the cervix was not yet fully dilated.

Our personnel clarified: “With 3cm cervical dilatation, pushing is not recommended because of the risk for cervical laceration and this was explained to patient and folks. Internal examination must not be done too frequent so as not to introduce infection. It must be done at least every hour. However, ruptured Bag of Water is something cannot be controlled and can precipitate to active labor and eventual delivery.”

At 1:15 PM, the patient’s Bag of Water ruptured, ICER was called for immediate transport of patient to WVMC through OB-Gyne Resident’s personal phone number for endorsement.

Medical personnel were on the process of donning PPEs and while preparing to go inside patient’s room, baby was eventually delivered at around 1:30 PM.

At 1:45 PM, they were transferred to WVMC.

On allegations that they were taken for granted, please be informed that proper protocols were strictly followed for the safety of everyone.

Iloilo City Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility

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