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Students Wear ‘Masks’ Instead Of Recommended Masks



Photo|©Gilbert Bugarin

A certain post caught the attention of the netizens when a teacher posted photos of his students wearing masks instead of N95 or surgical masks.

This, as Gilbert Bugarin took photos of his students wearing white masks in his class and shared it on his Facebook account.

He said that he advised his students “to wear masks” without mentioning what specific masks for them to wear.

As he saw his students inside the class, he then realized that he didn’t mention N95 or surgical masks, instead, he saw his students wearing white masks — like masks of Jabbawockeez —in his class.

His post already reached 49,000 shares and more than 17,000 reactions as of this writing. Also, his post reached more than 80 comments.

Netizens expressed their reactions to Gilbert’s post.

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