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Are There really Lost Souls Roaming Around SM North?



“A senior high school student, Ace Jeadam Soriano Ong, died after falling off into an escalator on the 5th floor of SM North Annex, a shopping mall, in Quezon City on Saturday.”

That’s the shocking news of the day Tron Gadi Tano heard and seen so far. But, what made him more intrigue is what is the reason why there were many people who committed suicide in the said mall for almost five years from now, consecutively.
In his post, he said he just wanted to share his experience and give awareness to everyone, whom he thinks people could take this as a precautionary measure to avoid another more deaths in the future. Here is his story:
He said that he lives at  Bago Bantay, Quezon City, and since SM North is only at walking distance, normally, this is the place where he hangs out, especially when he feels bored, or if he just wants to cool down in the mall.
His favorite spot in the mall is on the 5th floor where he claimed he found the view beautiful and spectacular. However, every time he looks out at the barricade, he said that there is always a voice whispering on him as if something just pops up in his head and changes his thoughts. 

sm north ghost

Here are the following that he heard from the voice whispering on his ears:
“Tumalon ka ililigtas ka ng Guardian Angel mo.”
(You jump and your guardian angel will definitely save you.)
“Hindi ka papabayaan ng Dios mahal ka niya.” 
(God won’t forsake you because He loves you.)
“Ipapakita sayo ni God ang power niya kaya wag kang matakot tumalon.”
(God will show you His power, so don’t be afraid.)“Sige na talon na you trust God di ba don’t be afraid.”
(You should jump if you love God, don’t be afraid.)
“You are a christian, anak ka ng Dios wag ka matakot sasaluhin ka niya.”
(You are a Christian, a son of God, don’t be afraid He will catch you.)
“Wala kabang tiwala sa Dios?”
(Don’t you trust God?)
These were what the voice intended him to do as if questioning his faith in God in order to follow his desires. And, once you didn’t jump he’ll make you ashamed of not trusting God enough.
“Pagkatalon mo hindi ka mamatay. Ang mangyayari magigising ka sa bahay niyo na parang panaginip lang.” as if a voice whispered.
(You will not die once you jump. You’ll only awaken in a deep sleep in your home as if everything was just a dream.)
In spite of everything, he managed not to jump when he came back to consciousness which suddenly made him feel saddened.  Before that, he said that he really felt the urge to jump and prove that he trusts God, because he found everything the voice had said convincing in the point of fact.
He cleared in his narration that it is not only the case of depression that drives a person on hearing such a strange voice. And by looking at the profile of the certain victims for the past few years, they never possessed any sign or symptom of the disease.
What happened to the boy not too long ago made him remember how Satan tempted Jesus in Matthew 4:5-7, but Jesus insisted not to fall on his way.
“5 Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. 6 “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written.” (Matthew 4:5-7)

Jesus answered him, “6 It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.” (Matthew 4:6)

He realized it late, the voice that he always hears, tempting him to jump from the 5th floor to the ground floor is no other than Satan.
He asserted that he has the same experience with others, especially those victims, so he decided to speak up.
Nevertheless, he advised that if ever you come into this kind of situation and encounter, please do not be tempted by it, and pray to God for help.
Don’t jump! It’s only Satan provoking sin, he’s nothing but a deceitful bastard. He uses our faith against us. 
P.S.: The author didn’t necessarily hear the voice literally, it is something that just pops up on his head as if someone injected it. I know you’ve experienced some time in your life as if someone whispered in your mind, that’s what he means.

sm north ghost

Here is a comment from a netizen on his story:
Kala ko ako lang din may ganung experience….. yung wala ka naman talagang nadidinig pero may thoughts na pumapasok sa isip mo na try ko kayang tumalon from where I am…. at nakikita ko yung sarili ko na hindi nga ako namatay nung tumalon ako…. deception talaga.”

I thought I am the only one who has the same experience, that feeling where you don’t really hear something but there are thoughts that always snap my mind to try jumping from where I am. And I also see myself able to live after I jumped, really was deception.

sm north ghost

sm north ghost
sm north ghost
sm north ghost
sm north ghost
sm north ghost

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