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Today in Ph History, Jan. 27, 1867, Juan Crisostomo Soto was born in Santa Ines, Bacolor, Pampanga



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On January 27, 1867, Juan Crisostomo Soto, journalist, poet, playwright and known as the Father of Pampanga Literature, was born in Santa Ines, Bacolor, Pampanga.

Soto, under the pen name of Crissot, wrote a number of lyrical poems, historical dramas, humorous plays and philosophical essays, and “sarsuwelas,” the most famous of which is “Alang Dios” or There is no God (1901).

He translated some Spanish literature into Pampango, including Lovers of Teruel Faust and Nero and the Gladiators. He was also a contributor to the revolutionary paper La Independencia.Soto joined the Katipunan during the 1896 Revolution and worked with Maximo Hizon in promoting Pampango ideals. He participated in several battles against the American troops in 1898 under General Tomas Mascardo’s forces.

Soto married twice. His first wife was Julia Amaida who bore him 6 children. Julia died in 1903. His second wife Rosario Palma bore him 4 children.

Juan Crisostomo Soto died on July 12, 1918 at the age of 51.

Reference: Philippine News Agency archives

Source: kahimyang

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