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Today in Ph History, Dec. 16, 1976, the National Scientist Award was created to give due recognition to the achievements of Filipino scientists



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On December 16, 1976, President Ferdinand Marcos created the National Scientist Award to give due recognition to the achievements of Filipino scientists in the field of science and technology.

The rank and title of National Scientist of the Philippines was created through Presidential Decree Nos. 1003 and 1003-A which also established the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).

Accordingly, a scientist is defined as “an individual who has earned a doctoral degree in any field of the sciences” and “has demonstrated and earned distinction in independent research or significant innovative achievement in the basic and applied sciences, including agricultural, engineering, and medical sciences, in mathematics and in the social sciences as manifested by published works in recognized scientific and technical journals”.

Awardees are conferred the rank and title of “National Scientist”, with accompanying medallion and citation and are given a financial gratuity with the amount determined by the National Academy.

They are also entitled to the same privileges enjoyed by National Artists of the Philippines, which include a monthly life pension, medical and hospitalization benefits, and a place of honor.

Upon their death a state funeral will be conducted by the National Academy and the Armed Forces of the Philippines, befitting their recognized status as heroes of the Philippines.

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