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On September 4, 1943, the Japanese-sponsored 1943 Constitution was signed and ratified in a general assembly and two days later by 117 members of the Kapisanan sa Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas (KALIBAPI), the only political organization allowed during the Japanese occupation.



Seal of the Second Philippine Republic. Photo|

Hence, the Second Republic (1943-1945) was formally proclaimed, with Jose P. Laurel Sr. appointed as President and inaugurated into office in October 14, 1943.

Laurel was highly regarded by the Japanese for having openly criticized the United States for the way it ran the Philippines.

Laurel had a degree from Tokyo International University.

Accordingly, the 1943 Constitution was recognized as legitimate and binding only in Japanese-controlled areas of the Philippines but was ignored by the United States government and the Philippine Commonwealth government in-exile.

Source: Kahimyang Project

Reference: Philippines News Agency

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