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On August 18, 1926, Larry Alcala, well-known editorial cartoonist and illustrator, was born in Daraga, Albay.

Alcala started his career while studying at the University of the Philippines (UP) in 1946. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the UP in 1950 and became a professor at the same university from 1951 to 1981.

His first comic strip was a parody of superman entitled “Siopaoman” in the Filipino comic book Halakhak.

Larry Alcala was one of the first men to use Taglish as a medium of communication with his “Kalabog en Bosyo” in 1947. He, too, pioneered animated cartoons and TV commercials in the country.

He was given the title “Dean of Filipino Cartoonists” in 1997, an achievement award for his lifetime dedication to the art of capturing humor in the character and everyday life of Filpinos.

Also, Alcala’s most famous cartoon series was the “Slice of Life”, which is a reflection of the many unique aspects of everyday life in the Philippines. He captured the interest of his weekend patrons by giving them the task of looking for his image cleverly concealed within the weekend cartoon.

Larry’s published work include the following:

  • International Cartoons, Athens, Greece (1980)
  • Salon of Cartoons, Montreal, Canada (1980)
  • Laugh and Live, Life Today (1981-2002)
  • Slice of Life, Weekend (1980-1986), Sunday Tribune (1986-1987), Sunday Times (1987-1995), Philippine Star (1995-2002)
  • Bing Bang Bung, Pilipino Funny Komiks (1978-1989)
  • Asiong Aksaya, Daily Express, Tagalog Klasiks (1976-1984)
  • Mod-Caps, Mod Magazine (1974-2002)
  • Snickerteens, TSS Magazine (1973-1984)
  • Smolbateribols, Darna Komiks (1972-1984)
  • Siopawman, Daily Express (1972-1983, 2002)
  • Kalambogesyons, Pinoy Komiks (1966-1972)
  • Congressman Kalog, Aliwan Komiks (1966-1972)
  • Barrio Pogspak, Holiday Komiks (1966-1972)
  • Project 13, Pioneer Komiks (1966-1972)
  • Loverboy, Redondo Komiks (1964-1969)
  • Cartoon Feature, Asia Magazine (1963)
  • Mang Ambo, Weekly Graphic (1963-1965), Weekly Nation (1965-1972) Manila Standard (1993-1998)
  • This Business of Living, Weekly Graphic (1951-1965), Weekly Nation (1965-1972)
  • Best Cartoons from Abroad, New York, USA (1955-1956)
  • Tipin, Hiwaga Komiks (1951-1965)
  • Kalabog en Bosyo, Pilipino Komiks (1949-1983), Manila times (1984-1995)
  • Islaw Palitaw (1946-1948)

His other works are:

  • Cover for Asiaweek Magazine, February 10, 1984
  • Philippine Village Hotel Cartoon Mural
  • Commission on Audit Cartoon Mural
  • Duty Free
  • Jollibee
  • Caricatures and Cartoons, Private collections
  • Cover designs, brochures and catalogs, University of the Philippines
  • San Miguel Corporation Calendar, 1983
  • SPIC Cartoonists Exhibit on Wheels, 1967 Society of Philippine Illustrators and Cartoonists (SPIC)
  • Asiong Aksaya TV show, Energy Conservation Movement of the Philippines, 1977

All in all, he made over 500 cartoon characters, 20 comic strips, six movies, two murals, and 15,000 published pages in his 56 years of professional cartooning career. He believed in the far-reaching role of cartoons in education and value formation.

Larry Alcala who got enormous professional journalistic achievements, received countless awards and distinctions, showcased several local and international exhibitions, died on June 24, 2002 at the age of 75.

Source: Kahimyang

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