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Russia Offers Free Meds To Ph For COVID-19 Treatment

Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev announced to reporters during a news conference this March 11 that the Russian government has offered free medicine to address the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the Philippines. Said medicine comes from the Russian Polisan Company based in St. Petersburg.



“They’re ready to supply a highly efficient Russian medicine, which is highly efficient for treating patients infected by coronavirus,” Khovaev told reporters in Cebu. “It’s largely used in China, for example, and the results are very, very encouraging, are very positive.”

Khovaev assures that Russia has been successful in the containment and treatment of COVID-19 so far and would want to extend that to the Philippines.

“It’s offered as a donation just to extend the hand of help to our Filipino partners, so now this offer is under consideration in Manila.”

Article: LUCIS

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