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5 Summer Activities You and Your Kids Can Enjoy at Home



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As the world experiences the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are staying home as a way to hopefully stop the spread of the virus. 

In this situation, one thing is sure:  your summer vacation plans have been affected. 

Yes, it is disappointing that you won’t be able to do the things you’ve been doing every summer season (like travelling to other countries or going to the beach) but let us just be consoled by the fact that staying at home is the best insurance that you and your family will be safe from the virus.  Also, this situation gives you a lot of opportunities to have fun with your family. 

Your summer vacation need not go to waste!  You can still do a lot of enjoyable things in the comfort and safety of your home. 

Below are the summer activities you and your kids can do together during summer quarantine.

Discover and cultivate the cooking talents of your kids

Remember the times when your kids volunteered to help out in the kitchen?  Now is the perfect time to take them up to their offer.  Baking and cooking are the perfect activities to keep your kids busy this summer. 

There are a lot of simple and delicious recipes online that you can download and make together. 

In addition, the kitchen is a fabulous playground for the children, and letting them explore its wonders will be very beneficial for them.  From promoting healthy eating, developing math skills through measurements and ratio, getting creative and experimental with different flavors and tastes, cooking sessions with your kids will be both educational and fun!

Channel your children’s creative spirit with tye-dye shirts

If you want to keep your little ones busy and entertained for hours, this is an excellent idea. 

Tie-dyed shirts are fun and trendy projects that your kids will surely love.  They can show their creativity through their color and design choices. 

This is also a great way to recycle and give your old clothes a new lease in life. 

A lot of arts and crafts and school supplies stores sell different colors of tie-dye colorings.

If you can’t go to a store because of home quarantine, you can easily use natural dyes using food which can be found at home.  Take about ingenuity!

What’s more, you can produce endless patterns using different rubber bands. You just need a little creativity and lots of old newspapers to contain the mess.

Here are the instructions on how to make tie-dye shirts:


·        Old shirts

·        Tie-dye products

·        Gloves

·        Plastic tubs or buckets

·        Rubber bands

·        Squeeze bottles

·        Water

·        Old newspapers

  1. Wear your latex gloves to protect your hands from getting discolored.
  2. Decide which tie-dye colors do you want to use for your project.
  3. Dilute the colors in water pour it inside your squeeze bottle.
  4. Line up your workspace with old newspapers to prevent stains on your work area.  This will make cleanup easier.
  5. Start tying rubber bands on your shirts with creative patterns.
  6. Squeeze the dye over the shirts.
  7. Leave the shirts to dry overnight.
  8. Thoroughly rinse the shirt underwater for a few minutes or until the water runs clear.
  9. Place all your finished products in your washer.
  10. Air dry and enjoy!
Have fun with Backyard Water Games

The hot summer season won’t be complete without summer activities.

For a more enjoyable bonding experience with the family, you can try a lot of water games in your background.

You are lucky if you have an inflatable pool because you will be sure to have a memorable summer experience that everyone will enjoy. 

If you don’t have one, however, you and the kids can split into teams and have water war with water balloons, water guns, hose, or good old tabo war. 

This supper enjoyable activity will help you beat the heat, have fun with each other, and have some exercise. 

After the games, you can all have a nice refreshing reward with healthy snacks and fruit shakes.

Have a backyard Camping

If you are not fond of summer activities, specifically of water activities (seriously?),  This is a great choice for families that love nature and adventure.

Whether you are having an indoor or backyard camping, what you will need is a tent.  You can use the ones sold in outdoor gear shops of you can hang up some sheets to make one.  It doesn’t matter, what you need is some imagination!

Drag your mattresses or mats inside the tent to create a campsite in the comfort of your own home.

You can also spruce up your campsite to make it more exciting. Hang some of your Christmas lights to simulate the twinkle of the stars. You can also set up your barbecue grill out to amp up the camping experience and prepare special camping meals such as hotdogs, smores, etc.

Catch up with your to-watch list With a Movie Marathon

Take this opportunity to spend a lot of time with your kids because once the quarantine has been lifted, it may be difficult for you to spend time together again due to your busy schedules. Bonding with your family by watching your favorite shows or movies can be a great way for you to catch up and reconnect.

Make the experience memorable for your kids by making your home movie theatre! Pick the title that everyone loves.  Bring out all your blankets and pillows to the living room.  Butter some popcorns and serve your kids’ favorite cinema treats to give a legit movie experience.

Make the most out of your time with these summer activities at home for your kids! This quarantine may be overwhelming and stressful because it altered the way we do things (such as summer vacations) but these activities can surely lift your spirits and ease your worries. Once the isolation is lifted, you can still have fun with these family-friendly activities.

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