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6 Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget




For some people, the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration involves a trip to an exotic or romantic destination, or maybe a five-course candlelit dinner in a posh restaurant. But let’s face it; as much as we’d all love to express our love with anything fancy or special, the pressure on our wallets can be a bit much.

Well, fret not and do remember that love, and the expression of which eventhough how meek it was, is still the greatest gift you can afford to someone sans the grand gestures or something like that.

We just have to remember that a cheap Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a lame one! You can still get your creative juices flowing to think of ways that’ll make your significant other to feel really very special.

Here are some tips to get those juices flowing (wink,wink):

Surprise them with breakfast in bed.
Breakfast doesn’t have to be elaborate. A sunny-side up with a freshly-brewed coffee and toasted slice of bread will surely set the mood for a day of love. Bonus points for anKy food you can make into a heart shape. Cheesy? Yes? SO CUTE? Also yes.

Wake up early to tackle their to-do list.
Your partner will surely appreciate this, especially if his/her love language is service (chick this article out to find out the different love languages). You can either load the laundry or water the plants. Little acts of kindness go a long way, and you’ll have extra time to hang out and do fun things.

Set up a cheap feast.
We all love a good comfort snack, so how about assembling an array of all your partner’s go-to junk foods? Maybe it’s McDonalds’s fries or a platter of chicken skin (they can be found near the Kalibo Cathedral, across NVC in Capitol, or across Kalibo Public Market) —anything to make them happy. Bonus tip: Make a poem equating your love for him/her to his/her love of the food, and he/she will surely know how much you love him/her.

Give the gift of handmade love coupons.
Here is a neat gift idea for the coupon addicts: Come up with a list of inexpensive things your guy/girl would love (a massage, a movie night, immunity from an errand, a lap dance, etc.). Make little coupons they can redeem whenever.

Build a cozy blanket fort for an all-day movie marathon.
Many childhood memories are filled with happy hours spent by playing bahay-bahayan using our mom’s freshly washed blankets. Relive those carefree days and remember how fun these are to make and hang out in. Set up yours in front of the TV, make some popcorn, and cuddle up to watch movies for as long as you want. Free and cozy movie experience!

Turn off all lights for a candlelit night.
Get some scented candles and light a few. It will give both of your skin a nice glow. Whether you have plans to cook a nice meal at home, watch a movie, or just cuddle, some mood lighting will provide the visual and olfactory titillations that will make the experience feel hella romantic.

Valentine’s Day is a big deal with a lot of couples but let’s keep in mind that just like every other holiday it’ll soon be over. Like what clinical Psychologist Rebekah Montgomery, Ph.D, said, “It’s just a day…It’s just a commercialized holiday”.

This holiday may find us in Greece, Boracay, a Michelin Star restaurant, or at home, but what makes Valentine’s Day memorable is if we are with the one we love. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and appreciation for one another.

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