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Naka-admit sa isang ospital ang aktor na si John Regala dahil sa sakit sa atay.

Sasailalim umano ang aktor sa ilang laboratory tests upang malaman ang lagay ng kanyang liver cirrhosis at iba pang iniindang sakit.

Ito ay ayon sa social media post ng dating child star na si Chuckie Dreyfus kung saan nagbigay siya ng update hinggil sa kalagayan ni Regala.

Kinumpirma din ni Chuckie na hindi na stable ang kundisyon ng atay ni Regala, base na rin sa lumabas na resulta ng blood chemistry nito.

Ito ang kabuuan ng pahayag ni Chuckie Dreyfus sa kaniyang social media account:

“Earlier (Monday), Dra. Melissa Sinchongco visited John because he was complaining of excruciating pain. John’s recent blood chem results have come out and shows that his creatinine levels and liver functions are very bad.

“The swelling of his feet is also caused by his liver’s lack of function. He was brought to the hospital and is currently in confinement.

“He is scheduled for more laboratory tests, as well as ultrasound. In addition, John was also checked for COVID-19 in the hospital via rapid test to ensure his safety and the safety of those caring for him,” ang pahayag ng dating aktor na isa ngayon sa mga tumutulong para maibigay ang mga pangunahing pangangailang ng aktor.

“Currently, John is being monitored closely and being given the necessary medical care he desperately needs. We will continue to update everyone on John’s condition and hopeful improvement,” dagdag pa ni Chuckie.

Maliban kay Chuckie Dreyfus, nakabantay rin sa sina Nadia Montenegro, Aster Amoyo at Liza Dino kalagayan ni John, at nananawagan ng tulong para sa iba pang pangangailangan ng aktor.

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