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Aktres na si Agot Isidro, super proud na kahawig niya si Palito



Sa halip na mapikon, ikinatuwa, at proud pa si Agot Isidro na ikinumpara, o sinabi na kahawig niya ang komedyanteng si Palito. Pareho nga raw kasi ng buhok sina Agot at Palito, at halos pareho rin ang hubog ng mukha.

Pero teka lang, di ba at Julia Roberts ng Pilipinas ang tawag kay Agot?
Anyway, heto nga ang chika ni Agot:
“Dear DDS, If you think I am offended by this, I am not. Palito is a legend.

“I am quite honored, actually. So thank you for this. But please, take your pea-brains out of my TL, because I am blocking you. My TL, my rules.”
Wala nga namang masama kung sabihing kahawig ni Agot si Palito.

Sey nga ni @nnernerd; “Had the pleasure of meeting Palito way back in the 90’s. My mom and I saw him at Wendy’s Sucat Interchange.

He was a low key, humble looking man. He even talked to my mom on our way back to the parking lot. Walang ka-ere-ere. God bless him. And you too,
Kaloka! (Dondon Sermino)

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